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The Onit™

The ulitmate hands free device.

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The Onit™ was invented in the mid 1990s in response to over exposure to cell phones, pagers and palm pilots. At that time, in any technologically aware office you couldn't walk the halls without encountering some enabled individual with a belt or pocket full of bulging devices. This person was on call, ready to call, and taking notes to call you next week.

That bulging is embarrassing and unsightly. No one needs to see all those devices. And why should anyone have so many?

Today we have a similar problem. Everyone is bent over their phone texting, gazing desperately at their blackberry for their next email, hidden under their ipod headphones or tapping away at their notebook. Come back to life!

The Onit™ is a solution to these problems. Combining technologies from all the areas that have made the internet great the Onit™ is the ultimate multi protocol network client and personal data manager. The Onit™ makes calls, sends email, stores notes, keeps your appointments, receives pages, plays music (great bass!), gives you directions, pays by Visa, collaboratively internetworks with your friends and lets you know when you're in range of free Wi-fi. Entirely hands free with no visible hardware! No one has to know. You're connected, you know where you're at, you're on top of things, you've got it together. You're Onit™!